For this project you will learn how to enter information into a spreadsheet do calculations based on your data how to chart your results using the tools within Excel and how to use PDF files.What you will do in this section of Project 6 Create a Spreadsheet Part A Research stocks on Internet Part B Insert a graph Part C Show formulas Part D Convert Print files to PDF Part EPart A: Setting up your spreadsheet1) Open Microsoft Excel
2) Formatting your Spreadsheet
3) Enter the Formulas.This formula is used to find the change from an original value to its current day counterpart. An example we might use in the Gain/Loss column =G4-F4which could represent Gain/Loss = Current Value (G4) Original Value (F4)This formula is used to find the total amount of an object we have. Use this type to calculate the Original and Current values. Total Quantity =Number * Price. Try to figure out which cells you need to multiply together in your formula. (Hint: D4*C4 and so on)This formula is used to calculate the sum of a larger list of numbers. Use these to find column totals. Summation = SUM(First in List : Last in List)Again determine which cells will be added together. (Hint: Original Value of Portfolio =SUM(F4:F8). Find the SUM key by clicking on Formulas/AutoSum ( ).4) Saving your spreadsheet
Part B: Research your stocks buying price on the InternetPart C: Research your stocks selling price on the Internet

Part D: Inserting a Graph into your spreadsheet.
Part E: Showing your formulas

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