Scenario:A downtown employee is looking for the best option for parking a car during a 5 day workweek. One parking garage offers unlimited parking at a flat rate per month. Another garageoffers an hourly rate for parking. Which option is best for the employee on a monthly basis?Task:A. Develop a story problem using the real-world scenario you have selected from the fourprovided above by doing the following:1. Develop a cost comparison problem that can be solved according to the taskinstructions that follow by supplementing your chosen scenario with additionalinformation.

2. Explain all needs (e.g. financial non-financial situational) of the hypothetical

consumer.3. Discusstwocost options that are being considered.B. Analyze the cost ofeachoption algebraically by doing the following:1. Develop an algebraic equation(s) with clearly defined variables to represent the costofeachoption.Note: In some circumstances a single cost option may require two equations2. Explain the reasoning process used to translate the written description of
costoption into algebraic equations.
3. Solve the system of equations algebraically to determine where the

cost options areequivalent showing all work.
a. Explain

step used to solve the system of equations. Include the following inyour explanation:
All mathematical operations used to solve the system of equations
The solution(s) of the system of equations in ordered-pair notation
C. Depict the real-world problem on a single graph within a spreadsheet application using
integrated graphing tools (e.g. Microsoft Excel OpenOffice Calc LibreOffice Calc).
Include the following details in your graphical representation of the real-world problem:

each axis
of the coordinate plane with descriptive labels. Label all graphical solution(s) of the system of equations as solution and include
the ordered pair.
In a legend indicate which cost option corresponds with each line.

D. Discuss a decision-making process that is based on

mathematical reasoning andnon-financial or situational considerations. Your discussion should include the
How financial information gleaned from your algebraic and graphical analyses can
be used to determine the conditions for choosing cost option A over cost option B
and vice versa
How non-financial or situational considerations can impact the decision-making
1. Discuss a final recommendation that states the option that most closely meets the
consumer s financial needs and non-financial considerations.

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