DUE 6 AM NEW YORK TIMEAPPLY IF YOU ARE GOOD IN ALGEBRAmin 250 words Algebra discussion Explain in your own words what the meaning of domain is. Also explain why a denominator cannot be zero. Find the domain for each of your two rational expressions. Write the domain of each rational expression .I WILL SEND THE OTHER LINKS TO MATERIALS TO MAILSTHEY CANT PASTE HERE
MAT222 Week 1 Discussion Grading Rubric Grading Criteria MAT222 Discussions Week 1 2 points possible Content Criteria Weight Student thoroughly addresses all elements of the discussion prompt and demonstrates an advanced knowledge of the topic. Student clearly understands the mathematical concepts in the assignment and demonstrates the prerequisite math knowledge to do the work successfully. 0.8 Writing of Math Work Student effectively shows how the solution(s) was achieved. The math work is shown and follows an accurate process to get to the solution. 0.8 Participation Student responds with thorough and constructive analysis to at least two classmates relating the response to relevant course concepts. Student may pose pertinent follow-up thoughts or questions about the topic and demonstrates respect for the diverse opinions of fellow learners. Initial post was made by Day 3 (Thursday) and responses were made by Day 7 (Monday). 0.2 Writing Initial post contains very few if any errors related to grammar spelling and sentence structure. Post is easy to read and understand. 0.2

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