1. An iron arrowhead has an initial charge of 1.950e-6 C. How many electrons are required to give it a charge of 2.82 C? 2. Two grapes are given equal charges and held apart at a distance of 1.1 m. They experience a repulsive force of 2.2 N. Find the magnitude of the charge on each grape 3. An electric field has a value of 350 N/C at a particular point in space directed along the x axis. What is the force this field exerts at this point on a particle of charge (a) 5.00 C? (b) 8.25 mC? (c) 525 C? (d) 5.34 10 15 C? Make sure to check the sign of your answer4. When a test charge of 6.0 10 10 C is placed at the origin it experiences a force of 2.80e-3 N in the negative x direction from an external electric field. (a) What is the magnitude of the electric field at the origin? (b) If this field is due to a point charge at x = 4.0 m on the x axis what is the amount of this charge? 5. 6.3 C point charge and a 1.7 C point charge are separated by a distance of 0.00024 m. What is the electric potential energy of this system

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