structural models sequence diagrams communication diagrams class diagrams state diagrams a named location in memory where information is deposited and retrieved a data structure to hold information a function or procedure call from one object to another object a relationship between two objects a communication protocol between two objects sequence; communication communication; state machine sequence; state machine diagram sequence; use case use case; object attribute behavior operation message object state event and transition state message and transition state event action and transition state lifeline and event event action and transition Students is an instance of the List class that contains individual student objects List is an instance of the Students class List is a method of the Students class the Students and List objects are combined for that step in the sequence diagram a message is being passed from the Students class to the List class use case models structural models behavioral models interaction diagrams state diagrams use case and sequence object communication class None of the above recursive messaging self-messaging self-delegation recursive delegation None of the above create read update delete create reference underline delete create redo underline delete collaborate read update delete collaborate reference update discard

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