(a) Determine the mid plane T(0. t) and surface T(L t) temperatures at t = 100 200 and 500 s using the one-term approximation to the series solution Equation 5.40 what is the Biot number for the system?
(b) Treating the wan as a lumped capacitance calculate the temperatures at t = 50 100 200 and 500 s.
Did you expect these results to compare favorably with those from part (a)? Why are the temperatures considerably higher?
(c) Consider the 2- and 5-node networks shown schematically. Write the implicit form of the finite-difference equations for each network and determine the temperature distributions for t = 50 100 200 and 500 s using a time increment of ?t = 1 s. You may use IHT to solve the finite-difference equations by representing the rate of change of the nodal temperatures by the intrinsic function. Der(T t). Prepare a table summarizing the results of parts (a). (b) and (c) Comment on the relative differences of the predicted temperatures.

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