SCHOOL OF MECHANICAL AEROSPACE & CIVIL ENGINEERING 3rd Year Heat Transfer MACE30431 TPFE MSc/Diploma MACE61077 Dr A.P. Watkins Coursework on Heat Conduction Answer both questions Please submit your solutions into the designated coursework box in GB/B7 by 11pm Friday 1st November 2013. 1. A rectangular block of material of height H and width W has a fixed temperature T1 along the boundary situated at y = 0. It also has an exponential variation of temperature between the values T2 and T3 along the boundary situated at y = H where T2 is the temperature at point (x = 0 y = H) and T3 is the temperature at point (x = W y = H). (i) Perform a mathematical analysis of 2D heat conduction in the block to obtain an expression for the temperature variation as a function of x and y. [13 marks] (ii) Take the values T1 = 00C T2 = 1000C and T3 = 2000C W = 1m and H = 0.5m. Obtain all the positions where the isotherms T = 500C 1000C and 1500C cross the boundaries of the domain. [11 marks] (iii) Hence sketch these isotherms throughout the block. On the same diagram indicate heat flow lines in red ink showing where heat is flowing from and to. [9 marks]
2. [8 marks] [2 marks] [14 marks] [10 marks]

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