Research the current demand for a good or service of your
choice. Collect information that will affect the demand for the good or
develop a regression equation using the data you collected from your
research. Use the regression equation to focus the demand for the product you
chose for the next three periods. Assess what the results of the regression
equation tells managers and how it is likely to impact decisions made related
to maximizing profitability.2.Imagine you
are a manager for the good or service used above. From the results of the
regression equation suggest strategies to either maintain demand (if an
increase over three periods occurs) or improve demand (if a decrease over three
periods occurs). Provide support for your recommendations._________________________________________________________________________________________________1. Evaluate the relationship between
the European Euro crisis in 2012 and the American economy. Assess how this
affects American businesses and decisions made by mangers related to
sustainable profitability. Provide examples with your response.2.Aside from
maximizing profits assess the factors that managers must consider when making
the decision to outsource or integrate forwards or backwards considering which
factor would be most influential for decision-making.

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