I need you to writetwo personal entries. The first one is about relationship the second one is about anger. Please do not explain what anger and relationship are? I just want you to give a peronal entry. the last three ntries my profdid not accept themplease see example pelow write like this one.ExerciseI never realised the importance of exercise till the doctor has warned me
about my health. In the busy schedule of life I never pay my attention towards
my health. But this time when my company sponsored one medical check-up the
results were very shocking to me. I have high cholesterol and blood pressure. In
fact the sign of high diabetes were also found in my blood cell. Doctor has
warned me and suggested me to do my regular exercise to live long. Otherwise it
would be difficult to recover at latter stage. It was the alarming sign for me
and I did not delay in taking my decision. From the next morning I started to
do my exercise and within a month I noticed the change in my life style and
eating habits. Seriously I must say that the medical check-up has changed my
life and save me.

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