Your sister is considering a proposal to increase net income by offering sales discounts of 2/15 n/30 and by shipping all merchandise FOB shipping point. Currently no sales discounts are allowed and merchandise is shipped FOB destination. It is estimated that these credit terms will increase net sales by 15%. The ratio of the cost of merchandise sold to net sales is expected to be 60%. All selling and administrative expenses are expected to remain unchanged except for store supplies miscellaneous selling office supplies and miscellaneous administrative expenses which are expected to increase proportionately with increased net sales. The amounts of these preceding items for the year ended July 31 2012 were as follows:Store supplies expense$9000Miscellaneous selling expense 2400Office supplies expense 2000Miscellaneous administrative expense 1000The other income and other expense items will remain unchanged. The shipment of all merchandise FOB shipping point will eliminate all deliver expenses which for the year ended July 31 2012 were $12000.1. Prepare a projected single-step income statement for the year ending July 31 2013 based on the proposal. Assume all sales are collected within the discount period.2. a. Based on the projected income statement in (1) would you recommend the implementation of the proposed changes?b. Describe any possible concerns you may have related to the proposed changes described in(1).

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