Chem 266 CEL Assignment 2 30 Marks Total 1 1 Which compound in the following pairs is more reactive as a nucleophile in a protic solvent? (4 Marks) 2. Using dibromocyclobutane draw constitutional isomers enantiomers diastereomers and a meso compound. (4 marks) 3. a) Determine the stereochemistry of the reactants as (R) (S) (E) or (Z). b) What are the major product(s) formed in the following reactions. c) Determine the stereochemistry of the major products as (R) (S) (E) or (Z). d) If more than two major products are formed what relationship do they have with each other? (enantiomers diastereomers meso or are they achiral molecules) (22 marks total)

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