For this assignment you will implement a project involving statistical procedures. The topic may be something that is related to your work a hobby or something you found interesting. If you choose you may use the example described below. The project report must include If you choose you may use the following example for your data. From the cereal box record the suggested serving size and the amount of sugar per serving. The raw data is the serving size and amount of sugar per serving for each of the 10 boxes of cereal. Before calculating the statistics on the amount of sugar in each cereal be sure you are comparing the same serving size. If you use a serving size of 50 grams you must calculate how much sugar is in 50 grams of each cereal. For example if the box states that there are 9 grams of sugar in 43 grams of cereal there would be 50 times 9 divided by 43 or 10.5 grams in 50 grams of cereal. The result of this simple calculation (for each of 10 boxes) is the data you will use in the project statistics and charts.

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