I am coping only first 3 questions for sample. Attachment have solution all questions.1. Construct a zero-one matrix for the relation represented by the graph shown below.2. Suppose we are given set A = {1 2 3 4 6 12} and a relation R from A x A. Therelation is defined as follows: R = {(a b) | a divides b} where (a b) are elements of A x A.a) List all the ordered pairs (a b) that are elements of the relation.b) Use the results from part a to construct the corresponding zero-one matrix.3. Let R be the relation on the set of all people who have visited a particular Web page such that x R y if and only if person x and person y have followed the same set oflinks starting at this Web page (going from Web page to Web page until they stopusing the Web). Show that R is an equivalence relation (i.e. it is reflexive symmetricand transitive).

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