IQOThe Highway Loss Data Institute routinely collects data on collision coverage claims. Collision coverage claims insures against physical damage to an insured individual s vehicle. The data represents random collision coverage claims based on data obtained from the Highway Loss Data Institute for 2007 models. Find and interpret the first second and third quartiles for collision coverage claims. $6751$9908$3461$21147$2332$2336$189$1185$370$1414$4668$1953$10034$735$802$618$180$1657Quartile 1: _____Quartile 2: _____Quartile 3: _____Interpretation (Explain):Chi SquareDomestic violence incidents are not rare and may cause marriages to end. Happiness in relationships may be a key ingredient to mitigating DV. Is there a relationship between marriage and happiness? The data shows the marital and happiness of individuals who participated in the General Social Survey. Complete the expected counts within each cell and make a decision. Test whether marital status and happiness are independent at the 95% level of significance.MaritalStatusMarriedWidowedDivorced/SeparatedNever MarriedTotalVery happy60063112144HappinessPretty happy720142355459Not to happy9351119127TotalChi SquareStarting July 1 2013 MOC will be a smoke free campus. The following data represents the smoking status by level of education for residents of the United States 18 years or older from a random sample of 11054 residents.Test whether smoking status and level of education are independent at the 95% level of significance.Construct a distribution of smoking status by number of years of education using a bar chart. Does this evidence support your conclusion?Number of years of EducationSmokingStatusTotal
17888208121376914313-1544254416 or more343351Total

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