Suppose that the random variable z has a standard normal distribution. Find each of the following z points and use the normal table to find each z point. (Round z0.03 and z0.03 to 3 decimal places and other answers to 2 decimal places; Use the closest value of Z when there is not an exact match; if the Zvalues are equidistant then average the two Z values. Negative values should be indicated by a minus sign.)Stanford Binet IQ Test scores are normally distributed with a mean score of 100 and a standard deviation of 14.Write the equation that gives the z score corresponding to a Stanford Binet IQ test score.Find the probability that a randomly selected person has an IQ test score. (Round your answers to 4 decimal places.)Suppose you take the Stanford Binet IQ Test and receive a score of 122. What percentage of people would receive a score higher than yours (Round your answer to 2 decimal places.)A filling process is supposed to fill jars with 16 ounces of grape jelly. Specifications state that each jar must contain between 15.98 ounces and 16.02 ounces. A jar is selected from the process every half an hour until a sample of 100 jars is obtained. When the fills of the jars are measured it is found that = 16.0024 and s = 0.02454. Using and s as point estimates of and estimate the probability that a randomly selected jar will have a fill x that is out of specification. Assume that the process is in control and that the population of all jar fills is normally distributed. (Round the z-values to 2 decimal places and final answer to 4 decimal places. Negative amounts should be indicated by a minus sign.) %

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