PROBLEM 4Classified ads in the Ithaca Journal offered several used Toyota Corollas for sale. Listedbelow are the ages of the cars and the advertised prices.Age (yr) Price Advertised ($)1 139901 134953 129994 95004 104955 89955 94956 69997 69507 78508 69998 599510 495010 449513 2850(a) Report the linear correlation coefficient value and comment on the form thedirection and strength of association between the age of a car and the advertisedprice. (b) Report the equation of the least-squares regression line. Interpret the coefficients.(c) Report and interpret the value of the coefficient of determination.(d) Carry out a T-test about correlation ( H1:p 0). Use a 5% level of significance. EXPECTATIONS Draw graphs and charts when appropriate and necessary to demonstrate yourreasoning! Label all graphs and charts!Display formulas. Write complete sentences to summarize your conclusions.If use any table values clearly state which tables you used (e.g. Table A-2 etc.). You may attach your excel output when appropriate or necessary (e.g. a scatterplotetc.)HYPOTHESIS TESTING QUESTIONSYour work for all statistical hypothesis testing questions should include the following:1. Established Ho and Ha.2. Summary statistics (either computed or given in the problem)3. The name of the test (e.g. 2sampleTtest or T-test about correlation etc.)4. A formula to compute a test statistic (e.g. 1Prop-Z test statistic etc.)5. A p-value of the test and/or a critical value from a statistical table.6. Clearly state the decision rule you use the reach a conclusion. (You may have tosketch a graph to show rejection regions.) Do you Reject Ho or do you Fail toReject Ho7. State your conclusion in plain language. Use complete sentences.

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