Each project passes through different processes: initiation planning execution monitoring and control and closing. Stakeholders are not equally involved in all the process groups listed above.Suppose the government awards your company a project to construct a 100-mile-long express highway for an upcoming mega sports event in the country which must be completed within the next 12 months. The project involves the construction of 5 bridges 8 tunnels and 4 exits in each direction of the highway. Land has been acquired by the government and the relocation of citizens and villagers affected by the project is complete. Although all citizens have been relocated there is resentment amongst citizens situated near the proposed exits. In addition to constructing the express highway your organisation is responsible for obtaining environmental clearance from the Ministry of the Environment and the approval of design from the Public Works Department and Road Development Authority. A minister of state will personally monitor the progress of the project on a monthly basis and will evaluate the attainment of intermediate milestones and quality and safety requirements. You are working on the creation of a communication plan for the project.Discuss the kind of information that you will share with each project stakeholder during the various phases of the project as given in the table below. Assume required details as necessary and justify the information needs that you identify for each stakeholder.StakeholdersPhaseClientSenior management/project sponsorProject managerRelocated villagersProject teamInitiationPlanningExecutionMonitoring and controlClosing

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