Consider that
you are a project manager leading a critical project for a company in a fully
projectised organisation. Three months ago you replaced the previous project
manager who had been leading the project for over a year before he resigned
from the company. The project team consists of 60 people who have been working
on the project for more than 2 years. Of the 60 people 40 are full-time on the
project and the other 20 are shared across at least one other project.
Originally the project had an expected duration of 15 months but had to be
extended due to several reasons including scope creep and low team morale. In
month 18 of the 15-month- expected duration the project duration was increased
to a total of 30 months with this revised completion date 6 months from now.
All seemed to be going well until nine key people working on the project
resigned within a week. You later found out that all the people who resigned
have plans to launch their own company apparently with funding from a
competitor.To address the
current situation prepare a document that addresses the following

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