For this essay you do not need to follow the standard essay format.

Select one out of the five mythological scenes on pages 12-15 of this Administration Guide and write about 1200 words (for specific guidelines see Study
Guide II pp. 2-3). (You can exceed the word limit with no penalty.)

First of all describe the scene in detail: subject matter figures involved (poses gestures attributes) composition. Address the following questions:

How is the plot expressed? (i.e. what narrative method is used? how is time expressed? how does it relate to what happened before and what comes

How is the setting defined or implied (if at all)?

How is the scene similar to or different from the literary versions of the story?

What messages (i.e. values attitudes ideologies morals) are projected by the myth (not just the specific image)?

Then from the picture books listed in the bibliography other books you may own or the Internet locate another scene from Greek Art (preferably from a
different period) depicting the same myth (make sure you have the whole scene and attach a clear photocopy with reference). Compare the two scenes by
addressing the following questions:

What variations do you see in the depiction of the myth?

Has the appearance of the figures been altered?

Have new elements been introduced?

Has the composition changed?

Has the focus of the story shifted?

Has the message been modified?

(If you select the Rape of Kassandra you cannot use the image in the Book of Illustrations 35 as your second scene even if you get the illustration or
another view of the same vase painting from a different source.)

N.B. If you use secondary sources make sure you acknowledge them in footnotes.

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