Pursue excellence and success will follow pants down.I can just remember this line while I was watching the documentary on Fermat s Last Theorem. This was said by Rancho on the movie 3 idiots which was a story about pursuing one passion to live a happy and fulfilled.This docoumentary was very inspiring and was a perfect example of an the idea that there is a always a solution to a problem no matter how big and complicated it is. A problem that is left unsolved for 3 centuries and most think no solution was solved and proved by a man who has so much passion about it and didn t by the idea that the problem has no solution. Andrew Wiles undying faith perseverance and commitment is such an inspiration. He even have to isolate himself from the common people just because he didn t think people would understand him and they will just cause him distraction on making his masterpiece. Many people including myself are sometimes are weak in their faith and just buy the idea of common people. But Andrew Wiles showed me the faith in oneself is the most important amongst all if you want to achieve your dreams in your life. Before Fermat s Theorem was proved only one man believe that the proof can be made all others didn t even bothered about it.The documentary was really a classic example about how determination and persistency achieve our dreams inspite of obstacles . Andrew Wiles sacrificed his social well being and isolate himself for seven years. During the course of his work he have had several problems which includes counting the elliptic curves and modular forms. Even after he presented the theorem in Cambridge his colleague that includes Nick Katz seen some flaws in the theorem. Andrew at some point got desperate and disappointed but it was a reason for him to fix the flaw. I actually got teary eyed everytime becomes emotional . I know that emotions come from fulfillment and happiness brought about the extensive masterpiece that he did.The documentary was also a realization that we do need help from people. Andrew Wiles is a math genius and was able to work in his own. But he needed the help from people. For instance he used the Isawasa Theory from another math genius and Matthias Flach s work on class number formula. He was secretive with his work but at the end he confide it with Nick. Nick saw the flaw that Andrew fixed later which made the proof more perfect. I know I am secretive sometimes but the documentary is just a good realization that sharing our problems with other people is a healthy practice.Problems can sometimes also be extremely tough that sometimes destroys our inner peace. Andrew encountered several huge problem but when he is full sometimes he comes to the lake to restore inner peace in himself. I know this does not apply to problems we encounter in our class but also in real world situation. When we think that our mind is so full sometimes we need to find ways to unwind ourselves a little bit.I also found in the documentary that family is very important support in one s struggle. Though Andrew is unable to discuss the technicality of the proof to his wife and children he was able to share with them what greatness he was doing and he was able to confess at some time to his wife the progress of his work.Probably the only the little downside in this story is that I can think of is that Andrew somehow sacrifice his social life but I believe it is not a problem because Andrew enjoyed every pieces of what he was doing and he has a supporting family with him.Will I share this story to my friends? Absolutely! I already have shared this with my family and friends in social networking sites. This story inspired me so much.

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