data transference through mobile computers in the squad cars

how would u respond to this In the criminal justice field there are a lot of ways data is used. One of the ones that come to mind to me since My field is
Police Officer is the data transference through mobile computers in the squad cars. It is difficult to find a squad car nowadays that does not have an
internal computer system. The importance of this is the speed of which a police officer is able to gain information of the criminal in the field and gain a
lot more information in a shorter period of time allowing the officer to continue with his job in a more efficient way. In this same field Strategic
Information helps the officer on a day to day to assist them in being aware of anything currently going on in the community they should be more aware of.
For instance; Before a police officer goes out on a day by day they have a strategy meeting discussing what is to be done for the day and what routes each
officer would take. In the tactical information is the officer proceeding with the strategy.

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