During the last three years I have developed my English skill. I have been in Canada since 2011. I believe that studying other language is interesting and I feel I make prerace.
Although there are more than 5000 language I believe that English language in the first language in the world. Furthermore English is the second language in my country.
If we spoke a different language we would perceive some reflected why I feel so enthusiastic about studying English. I believe every language helping us community and understanding the people of the language. This is why I want to become a translator I am building speaker of both English and Arabic. I have some experience life of both cultures. I have fun translating or interpreting who can only speak Arabic. I believe that I will enjoy doing this as a job so I decided to translation as a subject.
English and Arabic always intrigued me to build communication with people. My major in undergraduate was Arabic literatures so I will translate English text with a literary upscale writing. English and Arabic have so rich vocabulary and I am always interest to know the meaning studying other language is challenge and if you have challenge you have motivation to learn more and succeed. Working in the hospital bank library or school need English and Arabic on my country.

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