1. One problem when using rigid metal conduit in a residence is that the installation of the conduit mayA. weaken the structure.B. require an equipment ground.C. be a fire hazard.D. be an electrical hazard.2. The internal area of 2-inch IMC isA. the same as the internal area of 2-inch EMT.B. less than the internal area of 2-inch EMT.C. less than the internal area of 2-inch rigid metal conduit.D. greater than the internal area of 2-inch rigid metal conduit.3. One governing factor when determining the minimum size of conduit to be used is theA. length of the conduit.B. presence of water.C. location.D. conductor fill.4. A 10-inch beam is in the path of a conduit run from a junction box which is located 38 inches from the beam. The beam is to be bypassed by a 30-degree offset with the second offset bend occuring at the corner of the beam. At what distances from the outlet box will the two bends be marked on a length of 1-inch EMTA. 18 inches and 38 inchesB. 20 1/2 inches and 40 1/2 inchesC. 38 inches and 40 1/2 inchesD. 8 inches and 48 inches

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