Question 1George is a clerk in a hardware store. When an African American comes into the store George provides closer monitoring because he believes that African Americans will steal his merchandise. What term most applies to the unequal treatment that George applies to African Americans who are actually customers?A. BiasB. Ethnic workC. PrejudiceD. DiscriminationQuestion 2What is the major difference between how sociologists and psychologists attempt to understand prejudice?A. Psychologists primarily use animals in their research and sociologists use people.B. Psychologists rely on case studies while sociologists rely on surveys.C. Psychologists examine conditions inside the individual and sociologists examine conditions outside the individual.D. Psychologists address psychopathology and sociologists address sociopathology.Question 3What do sociologists call a tendency for people to interpret labels in a particular way while the same labels lead them to be blind to the messages they actually convey?A. The Sapir-Whorf hypothesisB. Selective perceptionC. The Thomas theoremD. Discriminating visionQuestion 4__________ is a form of internal colonialism practiced in South Africa when dominant white Afrikaners exploited black Africans.A. SubjugationB. Ethnic cleansingC. Forced assimilationD. Apartheid

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