1. (TCO 8) Which words belong in the blank to indicate that the method PutFiles() returns a double value to the calling method and that only the class containing PutFiles() is allowed to call it?_____ Put Files()private static doublepublic static doubleprivate static voidpublic static void2. (TCO 8) Which is a correct heading for a method that accepts three doubles and returns their sumpublic static void Add(double num1 num2 num3);public static Add(double num1 double num2 double num3);public static double Add(double num1 double num2 double num3);public static sum Add(double num1 double num2 double num3);3. (TCO 8) Suppose your code has two variables declared as:double myNumber = 2.17;int myInt = 6;Which of the following would be a legal call to this method:public static double getWidgets(int num1 double num2)double getWidgets(myInt myNumber);getWidgets (myInt myNumber);myInt = getWidgets(myNumber);double newWidget = getWidgets(myInt myNumber);4. (TCO 7) Which is a valid overloaded version of this method:char CalculateGrade(double val1 double val2)char CalculateGrade(int val1)char CalculateMyGrade(int val1 double val2)char CalculateMyGrade(double val1)double CalculateGrade(double val1 double val2)

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