1. A reflex like automatically removing your hand from a hot stove involves pain messages sent to the spinal cord by way of _______ neurons while the movement of your hand is controlled by _______ neurons.A. somatic; sensoryB. sensory; motorC. somatic; sympatheticD. motor; sensory2. By means of introspection Dr. Marsh attempts to determine the components of things like perception thinking and consciousness. By contrast Dr. Smyth wants to understand what the mind does in producing different kinds of behavior. We can reasonably assume that Dr. Marsh s research is mainly guided by the principles ofA. structuralism.B. objectivism.C. functionalism.D. Gestalt psychology.3. Under Weber s law we ll notice a stimulus difference such that it will be a constant proportion of the intensity of the initial stimulus. Thus for weight we ll notice a 1-ounce difference in a weight of 50 ounces. Weber s law applies most directly to the concept ofA. sensory adaptation.B. perceived stimulus.C. difference threshold.D. absolute threshold.4. Jason argues that the pituitary gland s only purpose is regulating the activity of other glands in the body. Barbara maintains that the pituitary gland also regulates growth. Who is correct?A. Jason is correct.B. Barbara is correct.C. Both are partially correct.D. Neither is correct.

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