1. Which type of performance evaluation utilizes a numeric scale for evaluating variousfactors related to individual employees and their jobs?A. BARSB. Composite ratingsC. Overall comparison ratingsD. Critical incident ratings2. Which of the following is one of the main disadvantages of automobile patrols?A. They re very expensive.B. They re not visible to the community.C. They re not flexible for changing job tasks.D. They provide limited citizen contact.3. The most important factor contributing to high productivity and morale in a police agencyis theA. collective intelligence of the patrol division.B. ability of the chief.C. quality of management.D. overall budget.4. Which of the following is the best action for a police supervisor to take to improve jobperformance in employees?A. Establish individual standards based on the abilities of each individual subordinate.B. Heavily consider personality when appraising performance.C. Accompany subordinates in the field periodically to see how well they re doing.D. Develop various standards for each job so that individuality can be rated.

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