Question 1Which of the following is NOT a correct statement?For Machiavelli virtue ethics and morality are instrumental values.If all else fails in the pursuit of power Machiavelli would counsel that one must be prepared to use the good acts and virtuous means of manipulation deception coercion and even murder.Machiavelli draws no distinction between morality in the public arena and the private sphere.If absolutely necessary to secure one s business promotion Machiavelli would advise sabotaging the career of one s competitor by making false and anonymous accusations of immorality on the company s ethics hot line.Question 2Someone who believes that moral duties are based on universal rules and that the actor must abide by the same rules being applied to others believes in which moral theory?Ethical RelativismUtilitarianismEthical egoismKantian ethicsQuestion 3Christina a salesperson for Delta Computer Corporation attempts to apply ethical principles in dealing with customers and suppliers. Ethical principles are according to Socrates:Absolute and universalConstantly changingFlexible and suppleNot applicable to business entities since they exist to make money.Question 4Which of the following statements is NOT accurate?Psychological egoism is an ethical and normative theory that prescribes how people should behave in certain situations.An ethical egoist thinks primarily of what will benefit his or her self-interest in the long-run.Public good and the general welfare are based on people fulfilling their selfish interests according to one defense of the doctrine of ethical egoism. Justice is the will of the stronger would be a characteristic Sophist statement.

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