1. You wish to measure the AC value of a composite signal made up of both AC and DC voltages. The coupling switch should be set toA. AC.B. DC.C. GND.D. EXT.2. You need to use an oscilloscope to measure an industrial control system that doesn t contain a ground reference. Which of the following actions should you take?A. Connect the ground lead of the probe to the chassis and perform your measurements.B. Hook the ground lead to the negative terminal of the power supply before performing measurements.C. Isolate the oscilloscope from ground by using an Isolation Transformer.D. Don t use the ground lead on the probe simply make measurements using the hook tip.3. The amount of phase shift between input and output signals is important when measuringA. SCR circuits.B. TRIAC circuits.C. transistor circuits.D. servo circuits.4. Your oscilloscope s test probe is placed in the 10X or 10:1 position. You measure a waveform as being4 VAC peak-to-peak. What is the actual voltage at this test point?A. 0.04 VACB. 0.4 VACC. 4 VACD. 40 VAC

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