1. Which one of the following tests will a court usually apply in negligence actions where there are multiple redundant causes of plaintiff s harm?A But-for test.B Market share test.C Substantial factor test.D Alternative liability test.2. Which case held that the technical legal injury concept (which permits recovery of nominal damages) does not apply to negligence actions?A Hale v. Ostrow 166 S.W.3d 71 (Tenn. 2005).B Right v. Breen 890 A.2d 1287 (Conn. 2006).C Viner v. Sweet 70 P.3d 1046 (Cal. 2003).D Jordan v. Jordan 257 S.E.2d 761 (Va. 1979).3. A plaintiff must prove both actual cause and proximate cause to prevail in a negligence action. Which form of causation involves a matter of principle or policy as to whether the defendant should be held liable for the plaintiff s harm?A Actual cause.B Proximate cause.C Both actual and proximate cause.D None of the above.4. Under which of the legal theories listed below can a defendant be held liable for harm to plaintiff despite the fact that defendant s actions were not a but-for cause of the harm?A Res ipsa loquitur.B Negligence per se.C Respondeat superior.D None of the above.

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