1. The principles for supplying evidence in support of a thesis could be represented by an acronym: RSVSRA. According to the information in your text the two Rs could stand for A. revealing and relevant.B. respectful and revealing. C. representative and revealing. D. relevant and representative.2. Lillian is looking for ideas to write about and she decides to make a list of everything she can think of that relates to the topic of teenage romance. Which concept best describes Lillian s strategy? A. brainstorming B. mapping C. Free association D. outlining3. After Sean was arrested for breaking into a pawnshop I began to wonder. Why did some kids from my neighborhood end up in trouble while most of us didn t? I started out with a question: What causes young people to make bad choices? Now after two year of research I ve arrived at the conclusion that there is no simple answer. There is no one reason why good kids go bed but there are typical reasons. That s because people learn their values from the people they associate with. So a very big reason for bad behavior is imitating one s peers. But there are other important factors as well. Kids who get in trouble are often school dropouts. Also kids being raised by a single mother are more likely to get in trouble than kids raised in an intact family. Substance abuse also plays a role especially when it comes to alcohol and legal or illegal drugs. What method of organization is used by the writer?A. Chronologicalb. Least-to-mostc. Spatiald. Most-to-least4. Which of the following titles is mad more effective by alliteration?a. Guns: our lethal heritageb. What s in the name?c. Ruby the rose of Roslynd. Now you see it; now you don t

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