1. To confirm there s a closed path in a control circuit an industrial troubleshooter might employ aA. chance approach.B. scale.C. random approach.D. continuity tester.2. When troubleshooting a complex process-control system mechanical tasks such as opening or closing valves or adjusting flow level or pressure controls should only be attempted by theA. system operator.B. maintenance supervisor.C. electrical troubleshooter.D. plant manager.3. A positioning robot in an industrial painting process isn t completing its typical range of motion though the robot s programming hasn t been modified. A troubleshooter familiar with the robot s normal behavior is called in to evaluate the problem. One of the first thngs he does is compare the current operation with the normal operation. This is an example of a _______ approach to troubleshooting.A. historicalB. plannedC. processD. documented4. The level of _______ transferred to a person is what can be fatal in an electrical-shock accident.A. continuityB. currentC. resistanceD. ground-fault

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