1. Because components aren t always represented by standardized _______ a troubleshooter must be able to determine a component s identity by its location or connection to other components in the system.A. symbolsB. figuresC. facsimilesD. marks2. When troubleshooting a portion of an industrial process it s important to remember that a(n) _______ can cause a good electrical component to appear faulty.A. process problemB. abnormal outputC. steady voltageD. process control diagram3. If you re troubleshooting a lighting system in an industrial setting and no electrical drawing isavailable how should you locate the source of electrical power for the lighting?A. Call the power company.B. Short out the conductor to see which breaker trips.C. Call in another troubleshooter.D. Follow the conduit path.4. Before initiating any tests the troubleshooter should be able to _______ in the system.A. point to and identify each componentB. operate any piece of equipmentC. energize every componentD. work on running equipment

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