Question 1 All of the following are errors that can occur in the employment interview EXCEPT:A. asking the same questions that were asked of other applicants.B. excessive talking by the interviewer.C. the halo effect.D. first impression error.Question 2 A job sample performance test requires that the applicant actually do a sample of the work that the job involves. Which of the following is NOT an example of a valid performance testA. Programming test for computer programmersB. Taste test for fast-food counter helpC. Typing test for secretarial helpD. Driving test for delivery personsQuestion 3 __________ refers to an ability to visualize things on paper as they appear in actual three-dimensional space.A. Spatial relationsB. Numerical reasoningC. Logical reasoningD. Special relationsQuestion 4 The __________ is a comprehensive paper-and-pencil test that generates two scores: the verbal score and the performance score.A. Wonderlic Personnel TestB. California Test of Mental MaturityC. Wechsler Adult Intelligence ScaleD. psychomotor ability simulation

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