1. Regarding taste and smell which statement is true?A. So-called supertasters may be inclined to obesity.B. Women tend to have a better sense of smell than men.C. People often have a very short memory of smells.D. Taste buds wear out and are replaced about every 25 days.2. Agatha maintains that people are capable of freely making voluntary choices. Constance is mainly focused on how aggression is caused by genetic inheritance. It seems reasonable to assume that Constance isn t much interested in environmental factors impacting behavior while Agatha rejectsA. heredity.B. determinism.C. introspection.D. mental processes.3. According to a Gestalt principle called _______ when we re looking at a crowd of people we tend to perceive people grouped close together as belonging to a common or related group.A. proximityB. simplicityC. closureD. expectancy4. In conducting an experiment I divide a sample group of 60 children into two groups of 30 that I call group A and group B. To make sure the two groups are similar in terms of age IQ and so on I ll assign people to either group A or B using a/an ________ assignment procedure such as a coin toss where heads sends a subject to group A and tails sends a subject to group B.A. subjectiveB. experimentalC. independentD. random

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