1. In mergers and acquisitions the HR planning process begins withconducting due diligence.addressing key HR processes..analyzing the internal inventory of HR capabilities.optimizing the workforce.2. Cisco Systems HR department instituted ethics training based on the TV show American Idol. All of the following are advantages of this training technique EXCEPTthe ethics training can be available constantly.employees are able to access the program during non-working hours.the ability to reach large numbers of employees.it facilitates face-to-face interaction of trainers and trainee-employees.3. Benjamin is an American engineer who is a consultant with a German engineering consulting firm. Currently Benjamin is assigned to a project in South Korea where he will live for the next year. Benjamin is a/anexpatriate.host-country national.emigrant worker.third-country national.4. The ____ allows victims of intentional discrimination on the basis of sex religion or disability to receive both compensatory and punitive damages.Civil Rights Act of 1991Americans with Disabilities ActTitle VII Civil Rights Act of 1964Executive Order 11246

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