1. Trunk line Chemicals is considering opening a manufacturing plant in Vietnam. As director of HR you assign a committee of HR staff to investigate all of the following factors EXCEPTthe role and nature of labor unions in Vietnam.the stability of the political environment in Vietnam.Vietnamese laws regarding compensation.whether the change in manufacturing location will be profitable in the short-run.2. COBRA is a lifeline for employees who have been laid off becauseit continues the employee s medical benefits for up to 18 months at the employer s expense.the employee is able to continue medical benefits for at least 18 months if he/she pays the cost of the insurance.it allows employees to buy into the Medicaid program for up to 18 months.it transfers the employee s medical benefits from the employer s group policy to an insurance exchange for a discounted fee for up to 18 months.3. When HR is viewed negatively in an organization the complaints are typically expressed asHigh-level HR managers being overly focused on results rather than activities.HR managers being excessively focused on their gatekeeping roles.HR managers viewing themselves as organizational change agents.the HR function being too heavily involved in forming organizational competitive strategy.4. The landmark case that established the importance of disparate impact as a legal foundation of EEO law is Adarand Constructors v. Pena.Griggs v. Duke Power.University of California at Davis v. Bakke.McDonnell Douglas v. Green.

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