1. Factors that would be included in a SWOT analysis would include all of the following EXCEPTprojected inflation rate for the next year.potential changes in union organizing legislation.the proportion of the available workforce who will be under age 30.innovations in payroll processing technology.2. Which of the following is TRUE about the U.S. educational systemU.S. schools are graduating more engineers than can be used in the economy.U.S. students outperform students in other directly-competitive nations in math and science.Wages are low in the U.S. manufacturing sector because of the excess number of people with manufacturing skills seeking jobs.The U.S. education system is not generating the types of qualified workers needed in the economy..3. In organizations in order to decide whether certain behavior is ethical or not a person must all the following questions EXCEPTDoes this behavior conform to typical behavior by employees of competing organizations?Does this behavior meet all applicable laws regulations and government codes?Does this behavior meet organizational standards?Does this behavior meet professional standards?4. All of the following types of organizations fall under Title VII EXCEPTprivate religious educational institutions.private employers of 15 or more persons.agencies of the federal government.national labor unions.

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