Simulation with random numbers quantitative analysis class. Fill out word document with findings and attach excel document. See attachment.Notes:Before doing this assignment do the practice problem posted under Apply and Discover. Word-process your answers within this document. Do not create a new file. Show all steps used in arriving at the final answers. Incomplete solutions will receive partial credit.ProblemDuring the dinner hour the distribution of the inter-arrival time of customers at a restaurant is estimated to be as shown below. The mode of payment and the service times of the cash and credit card customers are shown in the following tables. Complete the tables and simulate the system for 20 customer arrivals and determine the average time a cash and credit card customer must wait in line before paying the cashier.Use Column A of the given random number table to determine the customer inter-arrival time. For the arrival time please start at 0 seconds and increments in seconds from the results you get from decoding of the random numbers. As an example the first random number is 6320 which equates to 60 seconds of inter-arrival time. So your first customer arrival time is 60 seconds. For your second customer the random number is 4630 which also equates to 60 seconds of inter-arrival time. As a result your second customer arrival time will be 120 seconds and so on. Please keep your results in seconds for all customers.Use Column B to determine whether the customer pays with cash or credit and Column C to determine the service time.Inter-arrival timeInter-arrival TimeProbabilityCumulative ProbabilityRandom Number Interval30 seconds0.4560 seconds0.2590 seconds0.15120 seconds0.10150 seconds0.05Mode of PaymentPayment ModeProbabilityCumulative ProbabilityRandom Number IntervalCash0.6Credit Card0.4Cash Service TimeService TimeProbabilityCumulative ProbabilityRandom Number Interval20 seconds0.3540 seconds0.3060 seconds0.2580 seconds0.10Credit Card Service TimeService TimeProbabilityCumulative ProbabilityRandom Number Interval30 seconds0.2060 seconds0.4590 seconds0.25120 seconds0.10Random Numbers(A)(B)(C)632010941995463073717971865728093554003051486300562491155495672814695165592564809339282924476997793970311443647684423574331973870150813417880933171248917082631711495025660588224081273494514100043229907190344183146822072671765053696927668284Complete the table below to show the results of the simulation.CustomerRandom NumberArrival TimeRandom NumberMode of PaymentRandom NumberService TimeService TimeWaiting TimeBeginsEndsCashCredit1234567891011121314151617181920Average Waiting Time (Cash)=Average Waiting Time (Credit)=Must:Pass Turn it isBe recieved on or before the deadline

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