1. IAs a senior member of the HR department at Trans Oceanic Industries Abigail realizes that the firm s upcoming merger with its main competitor Amorphous Sea Ventures will result in challenges in the year ahead. Abigail recognizes that cultural clashes will be minimal since Trans Oceanic and Amorphous are in the same industry and have similar product lines.realizes that she needs to design programs for retaining key talent in the aftermath of the merger.anticipates that the two HR departments will continue separate operations since Trans Oceanic and Amorphous have much different HR systems.there will be a reduction in voluntary turnover at executive levels as key employees engage in a power struggle.2. ________________ is the assessment of internal and external conditions that affect the organization.Data miningEnvironmental scanningLabor market analysisStrategic planning3. The most common area for HR specialization isEEO compliance.labor/management relations.benefits.HR information systems.4. A practice necessary for safe and efficient organizational operations is called a/aneconomic viability requirement.business necessity.prerogative of management.bona fide occupational qualification.

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