1. To avoid a charge of retaliation against employees who file discrimination charges the organization must do all of the following EXCEPTinstruct supervisors that any discipline or warnings against an employee who has filed a discrimination case should be verbal and not documented.take appropriate action if supervisors retaliate against employees who file a discrimination complaint.thoroughly investigate any claims of retaliation.train supervisors what retaliation consists of.2. IBM builds work teams partly based on individual employees social networks. IBM collects data on employee social networks byasking each employee to record his/her internal and external contacts in an HR database.examining call records and emails of employees.developing internal communication pathways called spider webs.requiring employees to give HR access to their personal social networking accounts.3. The position of vice-president of HR is open in a large paper-products manufacturing company. Two individuals are being considered both from the internal HR function at the firm. The selection committee wants the new vice-president to be a strategic contributor to the firm. All of the following competencies are highly desirable EXCEPTthat the candidate understands the paper-products business in all aspects.that the candidate be a highly detail-oriented person.that the candidate demonstrate ethical behavior.that the candidate be results-oriented.4. Charlotte is describing her new HR position to a friend. She says that she handles most of the clerical duties involved in running the HR department including such tasks as maintaining employee files and submitting governmental reports. Charlotte s job would fall into the ____ HR role.strategicoperational and employee advocateadministrativesecretarial

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