1. In order to appear professional it s a good idea toA. participate in office gossip to be seen as friendly and popular.B. maintain a formal and detached manner to be seen as strictly business.C. always promise to do what you re asked even if you ll have to be late.D. be respectful of others and maintain their privacy and your own.2. In order to hold your listeners attention it s best toA. keep the pitch and tone of your voice constant so that all words are clearly heard.B. vary the pitch volume and tone of your voice to keep it interesting.C. speak quickly to avoid being interrupted.D. pitch your voice higher than normal so it carries farther.3. Determining the key words of a speaker s message is known asA. key word listening..B. reference point listening.C. listening for referenceD. listening for content.4. What is your likely impression of the speaker?A. He s confident in his message.B. He s nervous.C. He s hostile and overbearing.D. He s dishonest.

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