1. Leaning toward a speaker is often a sign ofA. nervousness..B. low self-esteem.C. sincere interestD. dishonesty2. Mr. Jones and Mr. Swanson are talking in the break room one day. Mr. Swanson says If only the phone would stop ringing for just an hour I d be able to finish that report that was due yesterday. Mr. Jones says You don t know how to manage your time that s all. You should do what I do: write an outline first then you ll know what you want to say and will be able to bang out the report in no time. Mr. Swanson annoyed leaves the room. What was wrong with Mr. Jones response?A. It used stereotyping as a conversation stopper.B. It offered unwelcome advice and criticism.C. It diverted attention from Mr. Swanson s difficulties.D. It offered false reassurance that Mr. Swanson didn t want.3. The most productive way to handle stress is toA. deal directly with the source.B. ignore it and hope it goes away.C. complain to your coworkers.D. criticize your superiors.4. Putting your hands on your face while you talk sends what message to your listeners?A. You re excited.B. You re annoyed.C. You lack confidence.D. You lack patience

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