1. A contract is formed whena. when an offer is madeb. when an offer is acceptedc. when a mailed offer is accepted by depositing in the maild. all of the above2. Pierre owns a fine French Restaurant. While at the Restaurant Betsy eats a cooked oyster Rockefeller this is an opened oyster that has been cleaned and then over it are placed spinach bacon bits and Romano cheese and then baked).. As she bites into the oyster her teeth come into contact with a shiny white object that turns out to be a pearl. Unfortunately the pearl causes Betsy to beak her tooth. Betsy maya. sue Pierre for the adulterated foodb. keep the pearl because she found the pearlc. sue the oyster chef who prepared the meald.all of the above3. Jim a minor goes to a hospital emergency room and receives care for a cold. The hospital sends him a bill. Jima. Can disavow the billb. Must pay the billc. May disavow the bill if he told the nurses at the hospital that he was a minor.D. None of the above4. Alpha Assets Corporation and Beta Buys Inc. contract for a sale of Alpha=s assets to Beta. The contract may NOT be enforceable if it was formed as a result ofa. A mistake as to the value of the assetsb. Alpha=s intent to make a profitc. Beta=s intent to make a profitd. None of the above

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