1. Which of the following statements correctly describes project management? (Points : 2)Project management applies knowledge skills tools and techniques to project activities.Project management should not involve tradeoffs between scope schedule and cost.Project management only relies upon checklists to plan and execute the work.all of these2. Work Breakdown Structures can be displayed in a variety of formats including which of the following? (Points : 2)An indented outline format.An inverted pyramid.A sequential process diagram.Fishbone or cause and effect diagram.3. Subject matter experts often perform specific project activities when necessary. Which of the following statements accurately describes the role of subject matter experts in support of a project? (Points : 2)The number of subject matter experts is generally limited to fewer than the number of core team members.The subject matter experts are typically assigned to the project from start to finish.The subject matter experts may not relate strongly with a project due to the temporary nature of their involvement.The subject matter experts should only be used for technical guidance.4. When estimating resource needs project teams should consider all the following EXCEPT: (Points : 2)Supporting needs like information systems.The time required to communicate between activities.Specific knowledge or skills that must be secured.Scoring models.

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