Note: For each of the examples below decide if the behavior in question was acquired through operant or classical conditioning. If you decide the behavior is operant identify the Antecedent Behavior and Consequence below. If you decide the behavior is respondent identify the previously Neutral (now Conditioned) Stimulus the Unconditioned Stimulus and the Unconditioned ( now Conditioned) Response. 1. Last year Julie was in a terrible car accident. Just before the cars collided the brakes and the tires on the car squealed. Even a year later Julie cringes and breaks into a sweat at the sound of squealing brakes and tires..Is this an example of operant or respondent conditioning? ___________________________Label appropriately:_____________________ _______________________ ______________________ Antecedent Behavior Consequence OR OR ORNS (CS) US UR (CR)

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