Question 1During the Great Depression thousands of people changed social class unexpectedly and usually in a downward spiral. What type of mobility did this event illustrate?A. Intergenerational mobilityB. Structural mobilityC. Intragenerational mobilityD. Exchange mobilityQuestion 2Which set of characteristics is most applicable in describing the poor?A. Inner-city dweller African American high school diploma singleB. Rural location white high school drop-out mother head of householdC. Inner-city dweller white married high school educationD. Rural location African American married some collegeQuestion 3Which explanation of poverty do sociologists generally support?A. Sociologists equally accept the social structure and characteristics of the individual explanations.B. Sociologists support the characteristics of the individual over the social structure explanation as the main cause of poverty.C. Sociologists support the social structure explanation over the characteristics of the individual as the main cause of poverty.D. Neither the social structural nor personal characteristics explanation find much support among sociologists as the cause of poverty.Residents or near down from a place inQuestion 4Erik Wright used the term __________ to describe the condition when a person simultaneously occupies more than one class at the same time.A. status inconsistencyB. contradictory class locationsC. class inconsistencyD. class ambiguity

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