Down Under Boomerang Inc. is considering a new 3-year expansion project that requires an initial fixed asset investment of $3.672 million. The fixed asset falls into the 3-year MACRS class (MACRS Table) and will have a market value of $285600 after 3 years. The project requires an initial investment in net working capital of $408000. The project is estimated to generate $3264000 in annual sales with costs of $1305600. The tax rate is 34 percent and the required return on the project is 17 percent. The net cash flow in Year 0 is $ ; the net cash flow in Year 1 is $ ; the net cash flow in Year 2 is $ ; and the net cash flow in Year 3 is $ . The NPV for this project is $ . (Do not include the dollar signs ($). Negative amounts should be indicated by a minus sign. Round your answers to 2 decimal places. (e.g. 32.16))

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