Respond completely to the corresponding questions. Use examples of techniques tools analysis and strategies presented in this course. Please review the 5 parts attached to answer these questions. Use APA format and cite references properly. I have attached the case study as well as the rubric on what is necessary in this paper. Please include an introduction and conclusion. This is for an organizational development class.Leading Strategic Change at Davita1. What was the situation facing Kent Thiry when he took over as CEO of Total Renal Care?2. Is Davita Built to Change? Why or Why Not? 3. How will Gambro learn about Davitas culture values rewards decision making practices? 4.Why focus so heavily on values and culture in the turnaround?5. What would you list as the integration objectives? 6. What was the Davitas strategy and what did they do to reinforce that strategy in their culture and values?7. What would be included in your first 100 days action plan?

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