Go to the folder forUnit VI: Humanity and the Futurein the Weekly Work Schedule and (a) watch the short film by Ray Kurzweil and (b) read Bill Joy Why the Future Doesnt Need Us. Also take a look at the arguments made by Robert Wright Can Machines Think? Then post responses to the following questions by nextThursday please:1. In your own words summarize what Kurzweil means by the phrase Singularity.2. On the basis of these sources do you (a) agree or (b) disagree that it is possible for a machine to think in the same manner and with the same level of consciousness that humans do. Explain the reasons for your answer.3. Broadly speaking Kurzweil is optimistic about a future in which humans and thinking machines share the planet; Joy strikes me as more pessimistic. Saying why are you optimistic or pessimistic about the scenario they paint for the world in c. 2050?

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